Monday, February 28, 2011

Deck the halls with........

Yes I know it March tomorrow and christmas has been and gone. But I'm designing stitcheries and amigurumi's for next christmas. I'm trying to get in the mood.  The snowmen are all done, now its time to make a snowwoman.  Then they are all set for some winter fun in the snow with a basket of snowballs.  While I had the ironing board out I ironed all the homespun scraps ready for drawing out the stitcheries.  Now I have to get in the mood for stitching. 
This morning I collected all the recycling from around the house and all the stuff to go to the op-shop, then I cleaned the phone, I've wiped the fridge down and clipped 5 of the dogs toe-nails,  cleaned my hairbrushes, seasoned the cast iron frying pans and now looking round for a few more little jobs to do.  Anything rather than sit down and craft.  I know once I put those first few stitches in I'll be on a roll.  Its just getting to that stage that I am putting off. WHY....I haven't a clue.  I've got farm town fields to plow, seeds to plant and I have to try and keep up the winning score for this week in Mahjong. I really should be banned from facebook.  What I need is to be whisked away to a desert island with all my crafty things and drawing books and colouring pencils with someone to cook my meals and clean up after me, quiet music playing in the background with a cool breeze and the sounds of the ocean to calm me.  No stress about having to do all the everyday things, no stress over having to look for work or lose my benefits, no stress over paying bills and finding money just to get through each day. ..........bliss.

Looks like its coffee time
so thats me outta here for now. Lets see if caffeine can get me motivated to make the little girl snowman and to start one stitchery.

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  1. looking forward to seeing your new designs...