Monday, February 21, 2011


I found a thinner yarn and using a smaller hook I crocheted a carrot nose.  The second snowman is not as cute as the first and I suppose when I do the third he or she will be different again.  So now I have to do a candy cane walking stick.  I might leave this out of the final pattern draft and maybe add something else, I thought maybe a basket of snowballs. We'll see how it goes.  
Pulling weeds yesterday I also pulled my back, I really should learn.  Its not a disc or anything but I think it is more muscle related.  So enforced rest today.  Luckily I got the lawns done and the place looks reasonably tidy so if the queen comes for tea I won't be making up excuses why the place is a mess.  I can sit and crochet and make pattern notes. I need to iron the washed homespun for the stitcheries but that can wait till later in the week.  The patterns are all drawn out so I could work out the colours I want to use and the stitches.  I have lots of christmas fabric I have collected over the years so they will be used as borders.  Some is definately vintage.  Which will fit in quite nicely with the theme of the stitcheries.
At the moment I am still waiting for my passion to come back, I am working away at these new designs but I am feeling nothing, no excitement or enthusiasm.  I am enjoying doing them but it still feels like a chore.  In fact right now I feel very little excitement about anything in my  life.  I enjoy being with my friends and having a good laugh but even they have noticed that I am not my usual bubbly/warped/ strange/delightfully weird self.
Reading my posts here and on the craft forums I can see I have definately become more normal than usual, BORING I might add.  Am I finally growing up, maturing, ripening, acting my age.  How scary.


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