Sunday, March 6, 2011

who put that hole there........

A cane toad thats who........probably in retaliation for me decapitating its mate the last time I mowed.  Down I went, the mower went one way and I went down on one knee, not quite hitting the ground. The perfect curtsey.  Pity the queen wasn't around to see it. 
Went off to market this morning with a couple of friends.  Wet and muddy but who cares, we were on a mission. I bought another variation of a lipstick plant and a Finger Lime plant. I have been after one of these for three years and finally got one. Its very prickly and very small and very slow growing. But I have patience aznd can wait, (Oh yes I can - for some things anyway). 
Has anyone been taking CoenzymeQ10, I've just started in the hope that it can stop the muscle aches from taking Lipitor.  I would like some feedback as to wether it actually works.
Well the last bit of lawn won't be getting mowed today, the heavens have opened.  Its wet, wet and wetter.  No fun mowing a muddy lawn.  I think I'll just play around on the puter today. I have been so good and restricted myself to just a couple of hours a day on it. I need to get down and get some patterns written out.. The magazine is interested in the snowpeople so I can't show them in all their glory.  They are very cute though.
I picked up a whole heap of crochet books from the op-shop last week, one that I had years ago (like, 30+yrs) and had started to make a tablecloth from it. It never got bigger than a runner but now I have found the pattern in the book i bought I might get to finally finish it.
The date on the book is 1975 so I reckon this is one of my oldest ufo's. The only thing now is to find out where I hid it.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, you can come stay! We will have lots of Chimichangas & pickled eggs. LOL

    Glad you didn't hurt yourself! Yay, finding the plant & crocet book you wanted! I love plants, but I have a time with some of them. LOL I don't have a green

    I also love the song, "Rainy Night in Georgia."

    Have a great day!

  2. It'll be interesting to see how the Q10 goes, I've read before that it's highly recommended for those taking Lipitor.

    I can't believe there is someone with an older ufo than me! My 1:16 dollhouse has been without a front or a roof (other than a temporary one to keep the dust out) for a few years but you're outdoing me by decades! :)