Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who p'd off Mother Nature

It makes you wonder what is going to be next.  Prayers for all in Christchurch and surrounds.

Meanwhile back in my little part of the world everything is calm and relaxed.  Two snowmen finished. Got an extra shoppy job to do tomorrow, got a product audit to do in the morning and then have to whizz over to Mareeba for a quick customer service assessment.  Might pop into Rivers who have a sale on.  I like their shoes.  I was supposed to be babysitting a friends dog in the morning as she had to fly to Bris for a hospital appointment but that got cancelled cos the medical team she was supposed to see are being sent to NZ.  So I have a couple of hours spare in the a.m. to do as I please.
I had a crap nights sleep due to a reflux attack, not had one for a while but its my own fault for having dinner late.  Then there were the weird dreams.  Why am I dreaming about cultures with strong traditions.  Four nights on the trot now I have had them.  Different scenarios but the themes are all along the same lines - the traditions and beliefs that hold us back from moving forwards. Ingrained behaviors.  In the dreams I am always fighting against them.  Dugong features in many of my dreams, maybe she is my totem spirit making herself known.
Time to make a cup of tea before bed, I have a debbie maccomber book to finish.  and another one to start so its an early night for me.  


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