Sunday, February 20, 2011

Well maybe I'll be choosy next time.....

trouble is I'm a 'fixer', I just can't help myself. If somebody needs help I just barge right in.
But I think maybe I will not be so fast to offer my services in future.
The realtor has told next door the house could go for around $375,000 and thats with the white ant damage and the all the renovation that is needed.  I fell in love with the most gorgeous queenslander that is for sale, beautiful views, cathredral ceilings, wrap around verandahs on a 2 acre block with fruit trees and bordered by a creek.  Just under a million, oh well I can dream - so much for downsizing.  
The garage sale next door was to have been next weekend and they said I could go and pick anything I wanted before the sale.  There was a nice old white table I fancied to do up and a duck casserole dish (long story over the duck) but nothing else.  They decided yesterday to have the garage sale that day, they came round this morning and said I could take my pick of what was left.  I got a couple of Al's books on woodworking and a model motorbike for RYan and that was it.  Everything I would have liked had gone or been given away.  I felt awful picking through the dregs of a friends life.  I have been thanked for all the help I have given their parents over the years which is all I really ever wanted from them. 
But life goes on and now I can look forward to new neighbours pretty soon.  I have to tell the son that the fence line is in the wrong place, Al didn't want to mow down a little slope on the fence line so he asked if he could put the fence at the top of the slope thus giving us an extra foot (and yes, I had to mow up the slope), he also moved the fence line at the bottom as well which means his neighbour over the back got an extra foot, if that is moved back then their new house has been built too close to the original fence line and could cause problems with town planning.  Moral dilemma - do I keep schtum, the surveyors will probably pick it up.  I know my neighbour on the other side said all the fence lines were out anyway.
Life is quiet without the dog, my dog is running around looking for her.  I hope her new owners love her and treat her right.  She knew something was going on, kept glaring at me.
We had one last long walk by the lake early friday morning and then I took her over to next door as I had to work over in Mareeba for a couple of hours, she was trying to get back to me as I left. When I got back later I thought she had gone. I opened the front door to go check the post and the car was just leaving, she was sat in the back seat looking out of the window, I quickly shut the door.  I know I made the right decision.
Back on the craft front, I have crocheted an amigurumi snowman, he looks quite cute.  I need to find a carrot button or charm for his nose. I tried to make a felt one but it didn't look right.  A trip to Spotlight was planned for yesterday but plans changed and I really didn't fancy going down today.  I did tell RYan Spotlight was a good place to pick up girls - lots of cute assistants willing to help a young good looking man who was looking for something for his mum but he didn't fall for it.  Liam on the other hand who is now single again said it was a good idea.  What do you think could happen to two country boys in the big city looking for a carrot for a snowmans nose.


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