Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Getting my mojo back

Its coming slowly but surely. I worked for 4 hours in the craft room yesterday. I had intended to turn off the computer at 9 a.m yesterday and work till lunch time, but I went in there purely to set everything up ready to go and then actually sat down to work at 8.30. I had realised the computer was still on but knew if I left the craft room i would get side-tracked. Just as I had that thought it hit 9 o'clock and there was a short power outage for maybe a few seconds - enough to turn off the computer.  Even the universe seems to be pushing me to get back to designing. I am happy with what I have done.  The snowman was actually drawn straight onto calico and stitched last October with no draft drawing done first, so I had to the first draft for it.   I'm going to work on them a bit more before I commit them to fabric.  I've worked all morning again in the craft room, I can't believe its lunch time already. So I've taken the photo's, edited and made a collage and watermarked it.  Now I can start perhaps changing, adding or removed certain things. I'm itchin to get stitchin but I have to be patiant.
I have made the decision to let the foster dog go, for once I am letting my head rule and not the heart. She's a beautiful dog but my little old girl is suffering, the foster dog is very demanding and is constantly pushing Poppy away from me.  She's knows her master has gone, she is moping and sooo sad, especially as she can hear the family in his house next door.   After a discussion with her owners family they realise they can't keep her either and she needs to go to a home where she has plenty of space and someone there all the time.  She's laying at my feet now
and follows me everywhere.  Its been good for me with all the walks she has been getting.
But I have to let her go before I get too attached. 


  1. That's darn pretty work you've been doing.

    I agree that you need to do something about refostering your neighbour's dog. She needs to get resettled into a place where she can be top dog (or meet her match and be put in her place!), and your 'little old girl' needs to be your 'one and only' again :)

  2. Thank you Norma.

    I'm waiting for the proverbial to hit the fan next door. Brother and sister are at each others throats. I'm going to stay out of it though, its bad enough my own family squabbles without next doors. The people who wanted Lulu have changed their minds, we're hoping the third person is going to take her. So tomorrow I could be Lulu-less. Poor thing, but she bit me last night and went for Poppy again so its a case of she has to go.