Tuesday, September 12, 2017


I love to write, well I did.  Now it seems such a chore.  There is no point making promises to be here more often, I know I wouldn't keep them. I found two draft posts from earlier in the year.  I don't even remember writing them. I am such a baaaaaad blogger.

It was so windy, Ryan had to hold
on to his little mum to keep her from blowing away.
So what is going in in my life... Not much, same old, same old but we did have a couple of moments of joy, and of tears.   My youngest son got married.  I am now officially a 'mother-in-law'.  I plan on being a very good one.  It was a very windy day.  The wedding chapel was on the beach, a beautiful spot, but very windy.  There were lots of happy tears and laughter.

Many years ago, probably 32.  My late beautiful mother-in-law,
my wonderful late husband, and me. A family wedding in Chorley. 
The sad tears came a few weeks ago as we farewelled my wonderful mother-in-law.  She had been an inspiration for me for over 40 years, never judging, always there if needed. For a long time she had welcomed death, but he chose not to visit her.  Her body and mind failing her eventually she slipped away.  She had a life well lived and was loved by everyone that knew her.  She had a way of saying 'oh Jan', sometimes it was in exasperation, sometimes pity, sometimes joyous.  She didn't have to say anything else. I knew what she was saying and I knew she was there for me. I miss our long chats, she always forgot the time difference and most calls were either very late at night or very early morning - but they were always welcome.  She will be my guide as I enter my new role in life.

Not a lot going on in my world now.  Still hooking away, a bit of embroidery and a lot of volunteering.
Study has stopped for a while. I need to work out whether I am going to do more. Not sure if I'm going to go for a BA, majoring either in English or History.  Is it worth it at this late stage in my life. I do have inspiration from some of the lovely older ladies who graduated recently in the Diploma of Family History.  One amazing woman graduated at age 85.  Now she really is an inspiration.

More later.....