Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February update

Middle of feb already.  Things go really slow and then things are speeding up again.

Just finished my first stint at the visitors centre, thoroughly enjoyed it, so much to learn though, especially booking accomodation and tours and the till absolutely terrifies me.
Phone interview tomorrow for another volunteer position in admin and then an interview for a casual cleaning job on thursday which hopefully will keep the hungry wolf from my door.  The craft magazine want more patterns and a young woman down the mountain wants me to knit her the royal family.  Have you seen them - they are really NAFF (do people still use that word or am I showing my age).  So NAFF they are cute.  So things are looking up here.
We are lucky with the weather, despite us being the wet tropics we have not really had all that much rain.  Down south  and southwest have been getting more than their fair share.
It has been really hot here, I usually wilt by lunch time and have to go strip off and lie under the fans.
The oven and microwave is beeping, the dog is pawing me (she knows I've been cooking chicken) so I'd better go feed myself before I waste away (as if).  I might even have a glass of wine with dinner.