Monday, February 14, 2011

Thank you Norma.....

After a long chat with my 'cuz' I decided to clear out my bag.

Three pieces of wrapped up chewed up chewing gum.
One urine sample bottle. ( Unused).
Four hair grips.
Cough Lolly wrappers.
1 lace vintage hanky.
One heart spray.
One hand sanitiser.
One asthma inhaler.
Two hair ties.
One brush.
One bolt off the old lawn mower.
One barbeque skewer (used).
One list (not mine, don't know where it came from).
One list (mine) from christmas.
One breast screen notice.
A collection of teeth from a comb.
Glitter (from a painting my grandaughter gave me).
New Rego sticker that should have been put on the car days ago.
Dozen shopping receipts - kept because you get 4c off a litre of petrol, all out of date.
Old phone bill (paid).
Dozens of bank receipts.
Two Avon sample lippies(Covered in glitter).
One dead phone.
Old and new appointment letters.
One cosmetic bag (empty).
One dead plant cutting.
Sand (?).
Half a packet of sticky cough lollies (with sand attached).
I was wondering where the sand came from but then I found the sea-shell.

I've filed the things that needed to be filed, put all the medications and hair stuff in the cosmetic bag, thrown out all the old receipts, emptied out the sand and glitter, put the rego on the kitchen bench near the back door so it is the first thing I do in the morning. Thrown out the chewing gum and rubbish. Charged up my phone, the sample bottle will be filled in the morning (like you needed to know that LOL), I remembered where the skewer came from - a Lenards mexican chilli chicken sausage sample.  I've stuck the appointment letters on the fridge - I need a bigger fridge, I'm running out of space and fridge magnets.

I've made a new list of things that I need to do, think, say, feel this week.

Tomorrow I am going to stay off the puter as long as I can unless it is for research, I am going to stick myself in the craft room and I am going to get these ideas that are running round my head out of there and on to paper.  I am going to feel that passion again, I am going to be fired up and enthusiastic about my work and my life.  I am going to stop self sabataging. I am going to go back to cooking proper meals. I am going to kick this self indulgent apathy and lethargy in the butt. Well, maybe the day after tomorrow I'll do it.


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  1. Good grief girl - how big is that handbag of yours!!!!????

    You sure are on a roll - good for you :)