Sunday, February 6, 2011


Our area up in the mountains came through okay, not so on the coast - Innisfail, Tully, Cardwell and Ingham, all the small communities surrounding them as well.  Hundreds of houses smashed to pieces. One death due to fumes from a generator being used in the house. The resort at Dunk Island totally destroyed.  The devastation is immense. The area Yasi covered was unbelievable. Its affects are still being felt by weather systems all over the country. Victoria now has floods. 
It was scary, but I have been through scarier. My gut feeling told me I would be safe.  We were prepared to use the bathroom as our saferoom but I fell asleep around 3 a.m. in my chair, woke at 5 and it was still blowing. Not much damage, the roof and windows held, a couple of trees down that fell away from the house.  A lot of areas are still without power, a friend comes over for showers and to charge her phone and computer batteries.  The roads are flooded on the coast thanks to the tidal surge (thats what caused a lot of the damage) so food supplies can't get up here, shelves are bare in the shops.  Even though we have Malanda Milk in the next town milk was in short supply as they had no power to process it.
We've had thunder storms every afternoon, but we've not had the rain that was predicted with it.  Its just started now, I have to get into town to visit my neighbour, I forgot to take him his razor yesterday - though the nurses do a good job of shaving him he's rather do it himself.  I'll quickly rush into IGA after and see if there is any bread and milk.  All my bread has gone mouldy. 
I've been trying to get the garden tidied up, put back the pots and baskets that I had put in the shed. Some windows still have tape on them..........something tells me not to bother though that perhaps another cyclone or bad storm is coming over the next few weeks.  Its a strange feeling, I don't like it, its like waiting for something big to happen.  I've been ignoring my intuition recently when I should have been listening to it.  But at least we will be prepared if anything else does happen.


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