Sunday, September 25, 2011

Two in one day.....

I didn't notice your previous post Norma. Well Q'land health is terrible.  The surgeons only come up here once a fortnight, Cairns base has huge waiting lists, their A & E is overloaded and there just isn't the doctors to go around. So we up here either have to go private, go to Townsville or grit our teeth and double up on the painkillers till I get seen up here. I don't get it removed till the end of November and thats not a too bad wait time considering, if I lived in Cairns it would be even longer.
I've lost 6kg so far, I've not had any bad pain for a couple of weeks now, in fact I feel so good I feel like fraud.  I'm tempted to go and splurge on a fat laden meal just to see if I get sick again, but the memory of crawling round the floor in pain stops me before I open the fridge.
I hope I'm one of the lucky ones who can go back to eating everything after the op.  Christmas is going to be so hard if not.  The good side being all this weight I am losing.

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  1. Well, a fat laden meal and admission to A&E might get you some attention! It's terrible that you have to wait like this. I know how awful it can be, even when you are VERY careful with your diet, fortunately we have insurance so I got it sorted really quickly. (I sometimes say I'd go without food before I gave up my hospital insurance and it's not entirely joking)