Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thanks Pat

It was you not me that solved the problem, everything is so much easier now.

I think an easy day is called for today,, I'm going to sit on the sofa with a couple of the boxes from yesterday and go through them properly, I'm sure I don't need half the stuff that is in them.  I might make up some crafty baggies for the op-shop - the sort you love to find. Fill of bits of lace and beads and hidden goodies.  I usually donate all my stuff to the animal welfare op-shop, its a small private one and I usually always find a good bargain there and its the one I'm going to volunteer in when I'm back on my feet after my op.

I sat and made more crochet flowers for the garlands last night, I played around a bit with different flowers but have gone back to the first one I did.  I can't get the darker colors in the cotton anymore, theres a magenta and a purple and a darker pink that people want in their garlands, I've just got enough to do two more garlands and then its probably time to change colour schemes. Its only a cheapy cotton but its works up really nice for the flowers, I priced the DMC and another brand and they were 3x's the price of this one.  I love the african flowers doiley above, my friend saw mine and she has been dropping hints she wants something for her birthday with them in.  So I might get the ordered garland finished and then save the rest of the darker yarn for her birthday pressie in October.
I need to go get dressed, make the bed, do a quick vacumm and dust and then settle down for a day of crafting.


  1. What a good idea - making up goodie bags to donate for sale. I used to love buying thigs like that. I could bundle up a whole lot of cross stitch stuff. I cross stitched for years until I was introduced to scrapbooking. Now I don't know if my eyes would be able to handle the fine stitching. I have bits and pieces of knitting stuff around too but I planl to get back at it. I have a work basket beside my chair in the living room with a half finished sweater for a little granddaughter - must finish it before she gets any bigger.

    Glad the 'fix' worked.

  2. Jan

    I am happy to tell you that you are the winner of my giveaway.
    Drop me your address at
    and I will send the bracelet set to you.
    Happy Sunday.