Monday, September 19, 2011

Its hot, and only a few days into spring

Phew, I had my usual walk by the lake, got my daily dose of vitamin D. Its gonna be a hot dry summer I think.  The garden is as dry as a bone, the grass have given up trying to grow and its not been green for a few weeks.  It only seemed minutes ago we were complaining of the constant drizzle and grey skies.  But its cup of tea time now I think, maybe a chai or a Liptons raspberry, cranberry and strawberry herbal infusion. Sounds good, anyone care to join me.........
Aren't the three little pastel coloured cannisters soooo pretty. I picked them up for $5 yesterday at the markets. I love this little corner of the kitchen, unfortunately though the biscuit and cake tins are empty, no cake or biscuits for me till I've parted company with my gall-bladder.


  1. Hello Auntie Jan :) thank you for your kind and encouraging words on my last blog post, they were exactly what I needed to hear. I'm terribly jealous that you are just heading into Summer, it's getting cold and grey here as Autumn arrives. And belated congratulations for getting your snowmen in print, you must be so proud of yourself! xx

  2. Summer is making it's final appearance here this week with temps in the 20s. Fall will be short but beautiful and the winter long and cold. Enjoy your spring.

  3. Oh my these are such pretty colours.

    How come you are STILL waiting for your gallbladder op?