Monday, September 12, 2011

back to winter again

Brrrrrr.......there was I thinking I could start to put the winter clothes away, how wrong was i. The wind howled through yesterday at the markets, one poor stallholder very nearly became airborne as the wind got under her gazebo. It was amazing watching the leaves flying everywhere everytime a gust came.  You could tell the holiday crowd - they were the ones in t-shirts and shorts. 
I took the dog out for her walk by the lake early this arvy, I'm glad I did because now the sun has disappeared its so cold I'm not venturing out.  Okay, so its around 20C, thats cold for up here and I'm getting old and  sooky.                                                                                                                               Pop on over to my friend Delenas blog and say g'day, she's having a giveaway for new followers -  I hope I get invited to her next years camp out, it looked so much fun.  Loved the comment you left Delena, you can tell what people are thinking when they see what you have made - now theres a woman with too much time on her hands (and thats the polite comment they make).
I'm heading off now to close up the house and get into my fleecys before it gets any cooler.




  1. Lol, Jan, has been cold again down here in Bundy too,, and here I was, missing the lovely warm NQ weather!!!

  2. Hi Jan. I was finally able to comment on your last post. I think we may have been having the same problem. Give my solution a try.

    It's cooled off here too and I must say I'm enjoying it. I signed into your friend's blog. She sounds like a fun person. Take care and stay warm.