Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Side-tracked yet again...........Vicki wanted embroidered doilies for her hexagon quilt she is making, I have some you can have them I said, Judi wanted spray adhesive - don't buy any I said I have some you can have,  I wanted to to find something, can't think what it was that I was meant to be looking for. But while I was looking for the doilies and the adhesive I'd be bound to come across whatever it was I wanted.  Couldn't find the spray adhesive anywhere, obviously I must have got rid of it.  Doilies all washed and hung out on the line and then I remembered I'd hidden some in a white wicker hamper, so out came the hamper, found some felt bits, decided there and then to make a felt flower brooch, didn't have enough felt, it needed more petals, went in the spare wardrobe, dug out a bag of felt bits (but not the colours I wanted), found some 8 ply apricot coloured crochet cotton - great, just what I needed for a project, found the victorian gold buttons that were on an ancestors wedding dress - great I thought I had lost them, while I was in the wardrobe I might as well get a few boxes out and go through them, found the felt I wanted plus some more so I went and made three flower brooches, then I went back to the wardrobe and found some crochet squares that I was making into a blanket, so I had to arrange them and decided I would finish it off this week, I found the adhesive and the doilies. I looked around the room, oh my, did I make that much mess.  Oops.  So now I am in the process of cleaning everything out.  I never did find or remember what it was I was looking for. 

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  1. I love when things like that happen. You spent the day uncovering forgotten treasures.

    I'm so glad you solved the posting of comments problem.