Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm being overrun with llittle grubs......

I think I have finally found out what is making a mess in my craftroom.  These little grubs just seem to be multiplying.  There is two more ready to hatch but they are sooo cute how can I resist them.  If anyone would like the pattern let me know and I'll try and get it down this weekend.  I really must make a start on the elephants and pigs, but these grubs are so addixtive and quick to do. I might make them a little flower basket each with their own little blankies or would that be spoiling them. 
I had to go into town to sort out my Rates, visit the library to find out what that tree was, have coffee with a friend and go for my walk. I went in the op-shop and found this cute little thing, its a bit battered and seen better days but it fulfils my needs and makes me happy.  Its just perfect for putting a mini jamjar of spiderlings in and she sits on the laundry window sill, I must just remember not to knock her flying when I pull down the blinds at night. 
I also bought a pack of Happy Feet from Natural Therapies, has anyone used them, you stick them on your feet at bedtime and its supposed to draw out all the toxins and impurities from your body and in the morning they are covered in a horrible gunky mess.
It will be interesting to see what happens.  I'll be posting before and after piccies tomorrow so if you are of a squemish disposition I would suggest not looking. 


  1. Jan, will be very interesting to see if there is any result!!!

  2. Hello; Your Little Grubs are sooooooo cute. I am new to crocheting and would love to make one of these. I hope to spend my winter learning to crochet. I enjoy your blog, thank you.