Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Exhaustion.....

I love my grandgirls to bits, we have great fun together, but, boy, when they have gone and I have collasped into my chair at the end of a very busy day do I know what exhaustion is.
We walked round and round the curtain fig tree, talked to foreign tourists - one who complimented me on my beautiful daughters and wouldn't believe I was their granma. We then visited with my niece at her new business, had icy-poles and a play on the park. The girls are now big enough that they don't need lifting onto climbing frames or helped down from the flying fox so granma gets to sit and rest.
A game of bed tennis developed into a very rowdy game of 'lets see who can whack the ball around the room the hardest'.  Bed tennis involves a very tired granny lying on the bed with one or two grandgirls, they at one end and me at the other, we bat a very soft ball to each other, they run around after the ball while granny lies there resting, occassionally batting the ball out of the room, but then it got serious and competitive. When I bought the ball I bought it because it was bigger than a tennis ball and a lot softer, it makes me cringe just thinking of the damage we could have done with a tennis ball.  But we had fun, granma worked up a sweat and the girls got tired.
The highlite of the day was decorating masks. I'd been to the Reject Shop and picked up a load of cheap craft items and a friend had cleared out a lot of her sparkly bits and pieces so we spent the time; when we were not racing around; in decorating the masks, lots of glitter and fairy dust was used - its amazing just how far two little girls can spread that stuff.  We left them drying on the verandah while we went for our walk and visits and when we'd had our rest the girls added more and more glitter and sparklies.  The little one decided to throw her tanty and I could see she was getting tired and it was time to take them home.
We always have to drive past the horse fields to see the horses and count how many there are, how many black ones there are and discuss the merits of horse poo for the roses (their mums dad has horses and they collect the poo for the garden), its one of our little rituals.  I suppose because I only had one set of grandparents that I didn't see very often and my grandmother had  gone by the time i was 8 that I want to create special memories for my g.girls.  I know I remember every single thing we did and the fun we had and I hope they will remember those times as well,  one day all too soon it will be a chore going to grandma's and they will want to be off doing other things so I don't mind the hours of clean up afterwards, the teenage mutant ninja turtles in my bed (Stacey found her uncles old toys in the cupboard) or the aches and pains these aging bones feel for days afterwards.

Its about time I made a start on the day, it looked like it was going to be miserable today, the grey clouds have parted revealing beautiful blue skies, so the garden needs a good watering and I might put some new veggies in the kitchen garden.  I need to finish off some crochet flower garlands and maybe start a new pig.  I got an order for a set of snowdolls, so I need to work out a price for them and the postage and have some me time and coffee with a friend and I'm not going to get all that done by hanging around in blogland. Better dash........


  1. I can totally relate. I read your post to my husband and he smiled. He has no good memories of his grandparents and I only saw mine a few times a year. Those times were memorable and I remember my Grandmother's chocolate cake and her apron and her tucking me in at night. It's always those little things they remember. I love being a grandparent and yes they do wear you out but in a good way!!

  2. This is definately the kind of day that makes for special childhood memories when the kids are grown, and lovely little memory moments for granma when she's feeling a bit alone. But boy oh boy I can relate to the concept of 'elder exhaustion' now that we have our 2 1/2 yr old (going on 12!) grandson for 3 hours on a Saturday morning. He very seldom is 'himself' these days preferring to try on the personas of various characters, the favourite this week is Shrek (he does the funniest Shrek walk when 'in character') and won't answer to his real name and anyone who is around has to take on an appropriate character as well - chosen by him of course! - yesterday I was nominated to be Donkey - my hubby says at least it's one better than being called an ass ;)

  3. What a lovely day you had with your granddaughters. I'm sure they'll remember it (and you) fondly, especially since you have pictures to help tell the tale. Have a rest now and enjoy your 'me time'.