Friday, January 21, 2011


I had a little epiphany this morning.  Time.  How much I hate being ruled by it and how I fight it.  I buy diaries and calendars, start off really well with them and by the end of February they lay forgotten.  I am forever forgetting things, mainly because I don't look at my diary, i go to appointments on wrong days and if I actually get the date and time right its only beacuase I made a conscious effort to remember - big notes on the fridge, memo alarm on my phone and puter, friends phoning me up to remind me.
A friend is picking me up in 30 mins to go out for the day shopping. Am I getting ready, NO, i'm waffling on about how much I hate TIME.  Now this fights with my inner control freak.  Luckily she is being sat on by my inner neat freak. Its being controlled I hate, yet  when the INF is around every minute is counted and controlled.  I don't wear a watch (I do have one but its and two others are laying in a dusty pile requiring new batteries  - the watches require batteries not the dusty pile).  I force myself to write things in a diary, this is where having an inner control freak comes in handy, she's the one that writes the lists on the fridge door and in my bag. 
I will not let my life be governed by TIME. I will do things in my TIME and my time runs slow.
Unfortunately time went quick this morning and I now have to run around like a headless chook to get ready for my day out in the big city. 


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