Sunday, January 9, 2011

easters on its way

I cannot believe it,  yesterday a friend came over for coffee and brought Hot Cross Buns. Woolies have Hot Cross Buns in already. 

I had a reasonable sleep last night, not like the night before where I itched and scratched the night away.  A friend said it could be something in the water since all the flooding, extra chemicals to keep it clean I suppose.  So last night I went to bed unshowered.  Good job I sleep alone LOL.  No itching. So maybe I might pop into the council offices tomorrow and check with them.  I'll shower tonight and see whats happens overnight.  I had rather a rude awakening this morning. After being manoevered to the other side of the bed by the dog I slept good then woke to the sound of mowers and whipper snippers and the birds giving it their all. I rolled over and suddenly realised there wasn't any bed behind me, I managed to throw myself back on the bed.
BigW had a sale on and my dear friend bought me a big beautiful soft bath sheet, purple.
So I'm going to nip off now and jump in the shower and then wrap myself in my new big fluffy towel - simple pleasures.


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog! Come back anytime! I'm glad you were able to sleep....itching isn't a good bed fellow!

  2. Now I'm sure you weren't so smelly that one day without a shower would cause you to lose friends and animals alike! But itching the night away isn't any fun; happens to me in winter with the dry air.

    Good sleep tonight my friend.