Monday, January 3, 2011

Clearing out......

Day three of the new year and I have tried to do something each day so that when the end of the day is on me I can sit back and actually see that I achieved something. The files caught my attention.  So here I sit surrounded by old letters, bills and receipts, warranties for things no longer in my possession and old envelopes.  Two bags of paper ready for the fire. 

The sun is shining at last, so I've done a load of washing and the dog is going to get a flea bath.  I'm even considering starting up the mower.  Even if I just do around the house it will be an achievement, ripping a few weeds out on the way, sweep up some leaves and trim a few bushes..............getting carried away with myself there.  But thats what seeing the sun does for you after seemingly weeks of grey skies and drizzle. 

Well two hours later, the washing is blowing in the wind and part of the lawn is mowed and a whole heap of weeds and grass pulled out from around the raised veggie plot.  I've had my lunch and I'm just about to pounce on the dog or I might just go and do a bit more mowing.  It will probably be raining in an hour. We get the monsoon rains in the afternoons.


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