Friday, January 28, 2011

Things that are sent to try us.....

Everytime I seem to get anywhere in my life, when life has finaly settled down to an even pace, there is alway something that comes along to send everything flying. 
Two major family upheavals this month, bombshells dropped. Okay I can cope with that, I have to stand back and let family members deal with their own problems....I cannot fix everything and I have to do this for their sakes and mine.  Work.....don't get anything for weeks and then its full on, this includes my dolls. They are selling like hotcakes.
Neighbours.......both taken into hospital, now this is where I can't stand back, their family is not close and they need someone to look after the house and their dog.  So I'm rushing back and forth between the hospital, their house and my house.  I can't have their dog at my house because my little horror wants to fight her all the time despite them always playing together when the neighbours dog was a puppy.
The upside is that I've lost a kilo with all the running around.  My goal for this quarter was to lose 15 kg in 12 weeks.  I need to lose more but I'm doing it slowly.  I've upped my exercise regime, I did include rope skipping but that was just to painful, too many jiggly bits.  I'm walking more - including walking up and down with a push mower through long grass and despite really really not wanting to I am going to start doing Yoga.

Excitement last week when a friend and I went to the big city for some r.t.   We decided to go up to Port. The rain poured down on the coast road and it continued to pour.  Going back the inland way we hit flooding.  Being brave we decided to chance it over a flooded creek and very nearly go washed away, it didn't look like the bridge was over by much but halfway over it got very scary, we were following a ute towing a trailer full of kayaks (how ironic) and he started to get into a bit of trouble.  The road dipped down and the water got deeper and we really didn't think we were going to make it, but the angels must have been getting their feet wet pushing us through that water. I think if we both had have got out of the car when we got to dry land we would have collapsed with our legs turning to jelly.
We hit a few more creek bridges that were over but only just as we could still see the road under the water, still scary though.  All the time we were thinking of the floods down south and how a few people had lost their lives through trying to get across flooded bridges.
We will never ever in a million years do that again.

Better get off and go to the hospital, hopefully the doc can tell us more.


PS: Just got back from the hospital, my neighbour had tried to sit up in bed to go for a pee and fell over hitting his head on the metal cabinet by the bed. He's got more tests today, he has fibromyalgia and bad atheritus, diabetes and a bad heart so he really doesn't want anything else. He's very weak and confused. His wife has dementia and they think she has had another stroke.   I actually got some sense out of her this morning which is more than the poor nurses or Al did. 
I'm going to attempt finishing off my lawns today and make a start on my neighbours lawns.
Hopefully all these extra kilo's will start falling off me.

What doesn't break us will only make us stronger - gotta keep telling myself that

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