Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 4 of a bright new year

We got the rains about 5 mins after I went and started up the mower for the second time. I was attempting to do a straight line. As we have no fences up between the properties it makes it difficult. I usually start off from the back fence line post and aim for a trellis that is on the fence line half way down the gardens. I think I do alright and then when I look back I see this very wavy line - and thats when I'm sober.  The rains came down all of a sudden - the washing, oh no it will be nearly dry. The mower and I rush to the washing which is in front of the shed, i turn off the mower and throw open the shed door with one hand while stretching out with the other to grab stuff off the line. The wind slams the shed door shut just as I am pushing the mower in, I then realise the mower is still going, its jammed in the on position.  One more attempt to get the mower and washing both in at the same time, I stretch out one leg to keep the door open while i push the mower in, a huge gust of wind comes and blows the Hills hoist around while I am still holding on to a doona cover.  I am quite sure I heard tittering and giggling from further down the back gardens.  Exit one mad woman muttering under her breath about the universe conspiring against her.
I did achieve a lot yesterday, i managed to get some crocheting in as well.  Attempting to do either a dragon or a dinasaur.  At first it was going to be a dragon, then I pulled it back and its now a dinasaur, not sure what sort.  An amigurumisaurus probably.  I am writing the pattern down as I go, not like before where I was too motivated to write anything down and just ploughed straight ahead. I just had to do it, hook flying, no time to write.
But now I am organised and I mean to go on that way (famous last words I know, but this time I mean them - honest).
With this lingering chest infection I have not been eating properly, food tastes like cardboard.  So my cupboards are still well stocked, the little freezer is full of frozen veggies and meat and I have a few tins of stuff.  This means that I really don't need to shop for a while except for probably bread,  milk and eggs. I only go through 2 1/2 litres of milk a week at the most and maybe one loaf of bread.  My challenge for myself is to not go food shopping unless I really need to for the whole month of January.  I have two big bills coming up and I need to put petrol in the car and thats about it. 
I get to go into town this morning to see my job network advisor, I'll do what I can while I am in town, get my walk in, stock up on some craft supplies, check out the op-shops for some china plates with pretty designs on, visit the library and stock up on books and pootle off home for coffee with a friend.  The dog still needs to be washed and I have to iron and then vacumn.  Busy, busy day.


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