Monday, October 31, 2011

Watch this space, I'm going to post the pattern for the little flower grubs soon. They are so addictive and only use a small amount of yarn so are good stash busters.

I told myself that once the rabbits and elephants were finished then I would put away my hooks for a while and concentrate on other things.  The rabbits still need assembly, but I started a few more little grubs last night and some crocheted felted flower brooches and the rabbits lay unfinished. It was be a mind thing - do I really want to put away those hooks and so I am creating more things to crochet before I finish the bunnies.  I even started creating a small crochet christmas tree. I get side-tracked so easily.
On my drawing desk there are 6 designs already to be stitched, christmas stitcheries that were planned for submission a magazine.  I might make a couple up to put on the market stall but I can't see that happening.  They might make christmas in July next year if I get my finger out. 
After a long email to a blog friend I have realised that a lot of what I do around the place are just delay tactics. I might seem busy to you but I do these things so I don't have to do what I have to really do.  But I'm not quite sure what it is I really have to do.  I'm on top of my health thing for now, I can't really make any work plans till after my gallbladders out and I know I am back to normal.  I'm coping with the bills and other expenses. Despite my house needing a few repairs, its serves its purpose as a shelter and protection giver very well.  The only thing I can really think of is selling myself, getting my ideas out there, the occassional magazine project is not going to do that. I need to make the decision to actually make a living at what is now only a hobby.  Well I can't think about that now I have to go remake beds and do the vacumming and dusting and then the ironing and I might make a grub or two.

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