Saturday, October 22, 2011

oh me poor tootsies.....

I have learnt three things today and can't change the tv channels with your mobile and you can't use the tv remote to phone a friend. Third thing..........don't break in new shoes and a new bra at the same time.  Scuse me while I go rip the darn things off.
I strolled down to the folk festival and lasted about five minutes, a quick chat with my niece, I looked for a friend I was supposed to meet, couldn't find her and that was me out of there.  I don't seem to have much of an attention span for things like that anymore, besides losing my temper with tourists who stop dead in front of you or wander in your path.  By the time I had walked back up the hill my new Homypeds had rubbed and so had the bones in my stoppen floppen.
 I had an convo with a neighbours hubby on the way down the hill:
Him: Hello there, haven't seen you for ages, you been hibernating, you're looking good.
Me: Yeh, thats right, thanks.
Him: You been out chasing the men.
Me: Yeh, but I can't catch em, they run too fast.
Him: You continue keeping fit like you are, they'll be soon chasing you. 

So by now half the town will know I'm in the market for a new man. 

I got bored last night and painted my nails on one hand in different colours to see which colour I liked best.............just looked at my hands now and realised I didn't take the polish off.  I really shouldn't be let out on my own sometimes.

After the past couple of days busyness in finally getting new locks on the doors I am going to  read books, drink coffee and a bit of stitching.  Maybe stuff an elephant or two.
The music from the F.F. carries up the hill so its nice to sit on the verandah and listen.

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  1. Ha ha, you've given me a good laugh - not at your pain and suffering of course - but at the thought of stuffing a few elephants in your 'relaxation' hours - as if it was quite a 'normal' thing to do - good thing that we know you mean little ones made from yarn or we'd think you'd taken up taxidermy - or lost your marbles ;)