Monday, October 17, 2011


We had a lovely storm the other afternoon, thunder lightning and wind which blew the rain horizontal so none of it went in the rain gauge.  The thunder shook the house and bounced a few ornaments off the shelf. The hail was only as big as peas, but I moved the car under cover just in case.  So armed with a few library books and the dog I settled down to an afternoon of reading.
I dragged myself out of the house early saturday and went to a few garage sales, scored a round patio table and two chairs for $10, definately not shabby chic or vintage but it will serve its purpose. I rescued an old work bench from next door, just needs a quick paint job and it will go in the craft room. I had the shock of my life when I went under the house to get it and I'm sure Mandy and her friend when they were clearing up the day before didn't see it, cos I didn't hear any screams.  I actually thought it was an old belt under the bench and went to kick it out of the way, luckily it was dead......yes, it was a snake, only about a metre and a half, couldn't tell what sort it was but not a carpet snake.  We get a lot of browns and taipans around here (both deadly) so I am always careful when going in the sheds or gardening around the buses or near rocks. 
I raked leaves and weeded today, good exercise and I worked up a sweat. I put all the winter clothes away in the suitcase under the bed, hopefully next winter I can throw them all away and buy lots of lovely new clothes, cos I'm gonna be at least 3 sizes smaller by next winter.  Treated myself to a new nightshirt as well on Sunday and that was one size smaller than I usually get. 
I'm  trying a bit more food now, I would love to eat chocolate and chips (not at the same time) and I would kill for a bacon butty but I know it would be a trip straight to the hospital if I did.  I can only tolerate the smallest amount of fat before I start to get pains. But, I keep telling myself 'this is a good thing'. Despite the scales telling me I have lost 7 kgs I would like to know where from, cos me bums still huge.  Though it could be my waist as I had to take in a skirt by two inches on friday, but my trousers don't feel any slacker.  I'm wallowing around on the floor in the mornings  with a resistance band, I'm terrified the thing is going to snap and knock me out or take the dog out along with everything on the shelves.  I can feel it doing some good (if i tell myself often enough I might believe it), I use 5 kgs weights in each hand and sit on my exercise ball and bounce around while watching tele at night, its too hot to go walking anytime after 7.00 am so I exercise whenever I can in the house, under the fans and when the clouds cover the sun I rush out and rake leaves and rip out weeds.  Who needs Curves.


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  1. That was quite a violent storm if it was able to knock ornaments off of shelves. I like a good storm, as long as I'm not out in it. You've been busy around the house and exercising as well. It's always nice to see our clothes start to get too big for us. I hate dieting but have started one with hubby.