Wednesday, October 19, 2011

No chance of getting anything done now......

.........see that little widget, the one with all the pretty flowers on.  Well I joined the flower garden.  So many pretty blogs and so many pretty flowers and projects. I was going to be oh so busy today sewing the elephants up and making a few more flowers for the garlands, cleaning of course and a bit of weeding.  Then making a start on someones birthday present. No chance, zip, nada, buckleys, a cat in hells etc etc etc.  I'm curled up on my puter chair, with biccys and coffee (healthy biccys) and reading blogs.
The wind is howling outside and its RAINING, we've been thrashed with it, the coast has had 200mm of rain in 24 hours, we had just over a hundred mm, a few areas have flooding. The farmers are doing happy dances, the rains going where its needed.  Its our local folk festival this weekend, plus the markets, lets hope the rain fizzles our by then. I don't think we'll do the markets if its too wet and blowy.  I never go to the folk festival, I did years ago but its lost a lot of its charm, now its all money money money. 
Okay, I'm going out to the flower beds and do a bit of reading.


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  1. Lol, Jan, yeah, was talking to my sister in Cairns this morning and she said they had copped it. We have had a few good storms but nothing like what you are getting... Sounds like a good time to be inside with either a puter or a sewing machine!!