Monday, October 11, 2010

So glad I didn't stick to my list

....of course I knew I wouldn't, all those pretty blogs, I just couldn't neglect them they were crying out to me.  So glad I did. Hi there Maggie, I love your blog........and yes bubz I won't forget you, I wanna see that rose.

I woke early this morning, pootled and pottered around for a bit, did the bears legs (three times), packed my school bag and went for my shower, noticing that the time was 7.45, quick shower, time for brekky and coffee and get there early to grab a computer by the door (I get the one by the door cos I sneak out five minutes early to put the kettle on in the kitchen for smoko). I'm walking dripping through the kitchen and just happen to glance up at the old wind up kitchen clock - 8.30. There is no way I was in the shower that long. I check the puter clock and its right. I look up at the other wall clock and it seems to be running way slow. I threw clothes on and drove like the wind with the windows down to dry my wet hair. I looked like a wreck - unironed and damp and I suppose now is not the time to notice that I have toothpaste down the front of my shirt.
I have finally done the last exercise in the book, I've done the mock exam and a couple of revisions exercises so hopefully tomorrow I should do my assessment. I forgot how to do leader dots, I had this mental block, I couldn't even remember where to look for it in help and I couldn't just cheat and do a row of fullstops cos the teacher checks our formatting and it shows up on the tab bar.  I tend to do my own thing, think outside the box and not go by the book.
I can do the formatting (my way) and I can do powerpoint and access and excel (again my way) but because I have to learn it the correct way I'm struggling. I feel such a thicko at times. I'm 52 and feel like a 10 year old some times (yes I know I act it most days). I suppose one of the good things about being a mature age student is that we are all in the same boat, all the younger ones seems to have dropped out of class leaving us old fogeys the majority.  They just couldn't keep up with us and I suppose hearing all the lectures of what it was like in our day and you young things don't know you are born might have scared them off.

I'm away to wash the pots and then settle down for a night of tele.


I'm down to scraping together all the pennies.  Looking in the sofa and under car seats, I've emptied out my money boxes.  I've got enought petrol in the car for tomorrow and maybe thursday to get me to TAFE.  I've no bread left and enough milk for coffee and cereal in the morning. For tea tonight I had oven bake chips and fish fingers and at the back of the cupboard I found a tin of mushy peas.  Perfect meal - fish,  chips and mushy peas with lashing of tomato sauce.  Not in the least bit healthy I know, but I enjoyed it.  I've got strawberries ripening up in the garden and lots of corn ready to be picked and little cherry tomato's running rampant over the garden so i won't be going hungry.

I've been sat here prattling away about nothing in particular and its gone dark and i never noticed. 

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  1. Jan - you crack me up..... I can just imagine you doing all this...
    I love the background on your blog!!
    I wonder why they are so strict about how you do things in the computer - so long as the job gets done???