Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One last cup of coffee before I go out the door.........

I've got time for one last coffee, should keep me going till smoko now.

I've going in late, got to rush around and get some faxing done and bits and pieces that need doing.  Then I relax and get this assessment out of the way.  I've got to phone Ergon and tell them I can't pay this week, they'll probably kick up a fuss, I forgot I had promised Telstra I would pay their bill this week.  Its all right these companys saying I should budget better but without a job and relying on Centrelink, its bloody hard.
I get roughly $13,000 a year to live on. I don't owe anything (apart from this months utility bills).  Thanks to a good doctor who occassionally bulk bills me when I am stuck for cash and a health care card which means I get cheaper meds I can just about get by.
Not for me the dreams of gold and riches, a great big house and a fancy car.  My dream is to get a bill and pay it straight off, to have a house that is comfy and welcoming, a car that is reliable. To buy things at full price and not have to scurry round the shops looking for the twofer sales or specials, to be able to give generously to people in need and not apologise for the measly coins I donate.
I am happy with my life though in general.   I love op-shopping and getting a bargain and I always give where I can, all the scurrying around is exercise and the bills get paid eventually. So why worry. Life is sweet.

The bear now has five arms and six legs - I cannot get any two to be the same, I know ami's aren't necessaryly perfect and it won't matter if one is a little bit bigger than the other but I have this inner perfectionist that insists on doing it just right.  Her heads a bit small now, so i'll do another tonight and maybe I'll do her another body and I'm not happy with the colour, it doesn't really work with a small bear so maybe I'll just stitch up all these body parts and make the pattern for a bigger bear.  A friend and I are planning on doing a couple of christmas markets so all the bears made as try outs will go for sale there, or I might open and etsy or madeit shop.


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