Thursday, October 14, 2010


What is a bippy, I remember Goldie Horne or Judy Carne on Martin and Rowens Laugh-In saying You bet your sweet bippy( Defo showing my age here). The other day i read a blog and someone mentioned bippy. ....... and now I have just left a comment on Creative Breathing's blog and the security word I had to write in the box was bipiness.  All these years later and I realise I never did find out what a bippy is. Somebody please put me out of my misery and then I can get on with the rest of my day.

I sailed through the assessment, too easy I thought, then I had a huge mental block and completely forgot how to block centre a bulleted list.  I couldn't even remember where to find the information. Der...... written down on an information sheet I had in my file.  I still finished within the alloted time. Probably made loads of stupid mistakes.

Playing hookey today, no fuel in the car and no money till tomorrow, but I'm making a start at home.  Excel is next.  Then Powerpoint if I have time. 

Got a cleaning job today as well, I really shouldn't be in here.  Mum just phoned from the UK, had a nice hour long chat.  Seems to me, without naming names that one family member is getting a bit confused over an issue.  I'm being told two different stories from two different people and a third that tells me neither know what they are talking about.  Unless of course, its me thats the confused one.

I'd better go get dressed and make a start on the day, its grey and wet (but warm) and I really don't want to do much, but I'd better make an effort.



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  1. Haha, too funny :) According to online def "You bet your sweet bippy" = "You bet your sweet ass" to use an American turn of phrase. It has an older meaning referring specifically to a part of one's anatomy not normally mentioned in polite society, hint - there's a planet in our solar system with a name that sounds the same ;)