Saturday, October 9, 2010

At a loose end.....

and no money left after I've paid the rates, so I can't go garage saling and its a toss up wether I go use the last few coins in my purse to go get milk or drive out to Second Chance, a lovely place full of vintage clothes, old things and unloved things in need of homes.  I bought this very pretty cup and saucer from there - well I tried to, my pesky sis in law paid for it before I could get my money out.
I had fully intended to spend the weekend in Blogland, no family hassles, no friends coming over, just having a a ME day. Travelling the world, visiting all the wonderful places out there.
Just settled in for a visit and then Skype goes thats my quiet afternoon done for - a girly couple of hours with a friend, putting the world to rights, discussing craft topics, drinking coffee and hopefully eating cream cakes. Then number 3 son hoons up the driveway, he uses the last of my milk for his coffee, uses the bathroom, dumps something in the big shed and after a quick convo, hoons off again.......and I reckon since he hasn't been back he's forgotten he said he would go down to the servo and get me some more milk.

So I've got an hour or two to kill before friend gets here so I might just go for a quick jaunt around one or two blogs.

Love, light and lots of hugs


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