Thursday, November 7, 2013


For those that know me, button collecting used to be a tiny bit of an obssession. I got over that a while back and have been having a regular cull of them.  After watching me crochet over a large wooden bead a student said those would look good as buttons on a dress she had just made. Maybe they would be a bit too big and chunky so I delved into my button collection (currently stored in a 55 ltr box) and found as many shank buttons as I could, mainly those destined for the bin due to scuff marks and broken shanks. Then I went off on one of many side tracks and made a few large flowers, crocheted over a few buttons and sewed them to the centre of the flowers, how pretty they looked. I have lots of buttons now all covered, I use the bits of crochet cotton left over from other projects, usually too small to even make a flower with (and I am too tight to part with because I might find something to make with them), and cover a button. I have a little baggy filled with buttons and cotton and if I have a few minutes while waiting for an appointment I hook few up. I usually use a 1.25 - 1.50 hook. I had fully intended to post with piccys but I seem to have forgotten to take any. Too late now, I'll do it later, got to get dry and dressed and off to work. Its so easy for me to get side-tracked, i was only having a quick read of someones blog and then thought I'd just nip into mine and make a quick post and before I knew it I was off crocheting one more button cover and finishing off a flower and then went looking for more cotton and then found a a book I needed to look at and I am still not dressed and the clock is ticking away reminding me I should have been out the door ten minutes ago. I feel like crap, what I really want to do is curl up with hook and yarn and create but I have responsibilities and I made a commitment to doing what I do even though it is only voluntary work, it is meaningful, what I do does make a difference in someones life and I am being relied upon. Its so easy to walk away and give up when the going gets tough, so easy to not make that effort. I'm glad I stuck with it through all the upheaval and changes. So I'd better get my butt outta here and get there before time runs away from me again. I'll be back later to put in some piccys. Jan

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