Sunday, July 27, 2014

Its been sooooo long.........

 Life over the past year has been full of changes, people coming and going, tides turning and a lot of crafting.  I actually got time to spend a few days at the beach, then I spent time in the city helping a wonderful friend and sis in law pack up her life in Australia to go back to Singapore.  Ryan and Lavinia got engaged a few weeks ago, I didnt know my son was such a romantic soul.....he gets that off his father because I'm not much of a romantic.  Another son came back home to live for a while, cramps my crafty style a little but we muddle along quite okay, he even cooks once in a while though his idea of cleaning is a long way off my idea of cleaning. My grandgirls are growing up fast, way too fast.  I'm still volunteering, I love tutoring, still got most of the same students, its great to see how far they have come, both in skills and confidence. Health wise has not been too bad, slipped a disc again, had a fall, hearts been fine, diabetes under control, thyroid playing up a little.
Craft wise, been busy hooking
lots of baby things for a photographer, gifts for people, things for the house etc.   Craft room is actually looking quite tidy at moment, i've put away and hidden crafts I no longer do.....beading, tinwork, felting, drawing and painting, I've given away to the oppy lots of fabric and yarn, I've bagged up other stuff and sold them on, I'm also trying to finish at least two ufo's a week and I'm a month ahead of myself.  

The veggie patch is going to be quite productive soon, corn, broccolli, silverbeet, eggplants, beetroot, capsicums,  tomatoes, kale, beans and a few herbs.  
 So thats a brief update on my year.  Knowing me it will probably be another year and another update.

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