Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I am so bored, jaded, craft burnt out, lethargic etc etc etc.  Is it me or is everyones blogs starting to look the same - all pretty, pink, cutesy, twee.  I am guilty of the same but i so want to find something else - I want to look at someones blog or pinterest page and say WOW that different, I want to be inspired.  I want passion in my work, I want fire,
I want to be doing something else.  I love the amineko despite hating cats but I'm not passionate about them, I thought I was passionate about crochet but even that seems to be dwindling. I was passionate about tutoring literacy in an adult group but now all I want to do with that is just get there, do what I have to and then leave.  As for telling tourists where to go - I really would like to tell them. 

The past few months have been hectic, family issues that turned us upside down, work obligations that involved moving to a new building and lots of upheaval, Centrelink paperwork being accidently shredded (not by me, by them) then the new forms going missing - it took 6 weeks to get the whole damm thing sorted from start to finish and a continuing hassle with my job provider that still hasnt been sorted.  I'm bending over backwards to do my part and the system just keeps stuffing up.

I get up in the morning, i go through the motions - washing, cleaning, cooking, reading, volunteering and then bed.  I do a bit of crafting (more out of habit than actually wanting to create something) and a bit gardening and thats my day. The banality of it all is driving me round the bend. I feel like I am waiting for something big to happen, been feeling this way for a long time - I wish the universe would hurry up and show me whats coming... be careful what you wish for LOL.

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