Friday, May 31, 2013

Owls, loo rolll cosies and cushions

These little guys are hanging out at my place.  Sweet owly brooches ready to find new homes.  They are soooo cute I don't want to part with them.  I wonder if I can find my decorative birdcage, i wonder where I hid it. Somewhere under the spare bed probably packed away. I spent two hours this morning in the craft room looking for brooch backs and luggage labels, why is everything you lose always in the last place you look.
Young love, isn't it sweet.  Spur of the moment make, he was so alone I just had to make him a girlfriend.  As soon as their eyes met that was it. I haven't got the heart to part them now.

These I made a while back to go on the kitchen sofa, both sides are different and the big white one was just made with squares i had lying around.  I wish I could find where i got them from, somewhere in blogland. The diagonal blanket was made from all the odd balls of yarn I had in my stash and had fallen out of love with.
I have been busy with volunteering and keeping my mind and fingers occupied with crochet. Lots of ideas floating around, I'm going to have to get a butterfly net to catch them though, I just can't seem to get them where I want them. My backs been playing up so I have had to give up cleaning for a while, so far I've managed to not slip a disc again. Ryans done work in the garden for me, just getting on top of the pruning, though if he had his way everything would be pruned at ground level. He even got the mower fixed for me as well, new blades, new spark plugs, changed the oil and the wheel put back on. It was fine mowing with three wheels - until of course you hit a bandicoot hole and then chuffing black smoke and the cursing and jumping up and down trying to get it started.  Liams worked on my car and Matt eats all the left overs up.  So they all help out in their own ways.
Okay, better go get petrol, check the radiator, pack my market box etc etc etc.
I want to jump in the shower early as well before it gets cold, first day of winter tomorrow, its not cold by UK standards but it is still chilly.  Perhaps a curry for dinner to warm me up.


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  1. Hey Jan! Glad to see you are still out there and crocheting like mad. And that you are preparing for the winter - as we are preparing for the summer right now. Hope to get to Canada to see the family and stay at the lake before my uncle sells his lakeside home. Other than that, and knitting, not much going on in my life!