Tuesday, April 30, 2013

End of April

I have been so slack in keeping posted.  I've actually been so slack in my crafting.  But renewed interest in the bunnies and the pigs have sent me scurrying to the craftroom to make a start on a new bunch.  The ideas are flowing thick and fast and my friend and I are considering going back to the markets some time in the future.

I have buying up some beautiful threads recently and so want to start back embroidering, this one i did maybe two years ago and just made it up as I went along. Its stitched with just one thread using a few crewel work stitches.  

The backrest of my daggy computer chair, it'll do me another  couple of years.

My owl brooches made from an applique pattern by RepeatCrafterMe

Well, I'd better get a wiggle on, busy busy busy today, been up since 6 and made a crochet dress for the piggy and  done a quick tidy up, at least I won't have to water the garden today, we are getting a bit of rain from that tropical low.  A cyclone this late in the season, how strange the weather is being.  Off to work I go.

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