Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A whinge, an update and some piccys

The Ultimate 'Bobble Hat'
Not sure what is happening with this damm blogger, i keep adding photo's and they disappear.  Its such a hassle post I might even give up blogging.  But then if I had a new computer with all the whistles, bells and up to date technology it wouldn't be such a headache. Thereagain, my computer does what I want it to, I'm not fussed over having the latest gadgets, I get by with what I have and I don't want to sit in Maccas using the wi-fi. I like comfort - curling up on a comfy sofa with lots of cushions and the privacy of my own house to do my computing or at my desk with coffee and cake. I think its sooo rude if I go in a cafe to have a quiet coffee to have business meetings going on at the next table, especially if they get heated, same with mobiles - I had no option but to listen to a council exec give someone a blasting over the mobile (they were in my space and I wasn't going to move) and I think she did it to look good, I just glared and she went outside to finish her tirade. OK, whine over, back to the love of my life - or one of them, I am so fickle. Crochet. I've been hooking up a storm lately, cushion covers, blankets, flowers, hats and a section for the Alice Springs Beanie Festivals attempt at the worlds longest Beanie, mini beanies for a garland and beanies to sell. I'm seriously trying to get my stash down (stop sniggering) and I am doing well - four cushion covers this week made a serious dent in the boxes.
These cushions are front and back pictures, the patterns are off the net and I can't remember the designers, I love their patterns though and despite a few times where I had to wing it cos i didn't understand what they were writing they came out just how I wanted. They would have been hard to do for anyone just starting out.There are so  many similar out there though it would take me forever to find them again.
Easter school hols and I have had the girls over, we've walked in the rainforest and down by the creek, we've baked pizzas and brownies and made fairy castles. Played games and had girly fun.
Grandma, help me make this fairy castle in my book, Of course, dear grandaughter I will help you make it............
I am knackered, back to my busy schedule of volunteer tutoring this week and at the visitor centre and my cleaning job.  The weather is wet and windy and more forcasted to come.  No chance of getting to relax this week, apart from vegging out in front of the tele for a couple of hours at night, but that doesn't count. I want to play hooky from my life for a while, just me, my hooks and yarn and a couple of good books - no phone, no mobile, no computer, no one demanding my time, no schedules, no shopping, no cleaning. Oh well, maybe not this week.

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