Thursday, June 9, 2011

As Usual........

yesterday my mind went off on one of its little jaunts. I was supposed to be working, I wanted to make an early start so I would be finished by lunch time and have the rest of the day to visit a friend.  Lunchtime saw me still in my jami's, hook and yarn flying furiously, sink of boiiling water ready and the carpet littered with multi-coloured orts.   The felted flowers have been a great success, the big and bold flowers with vintage bits added have been a success and hopefully the felted bird brooches that I have just created will be a success.
The flower swags/garlands are growing like, well, like a garden.  My mind refuses to stop creating, while I'm hooking away another idea pops in and I have to stop what I am doing and create whatever it is that needs to be created.

I really just want to be left alone with my hooks and my yarn stash, but unfortunately the world keeps creeping in and people and things demand my time.

I forgot my hospital appointment way back in April and had remade it for last week, I thought I was on top of things, it was in my diary, on my calender and then I lost a day, I had rescheduled everything that week to fit in this appointment, then the hospital phoned and asked where I was.  I showered, dressed and got to town in 30 mins.  I got the full ultra sound on my heart - working fine, grafts still holding up, blood pressure fine.  She was concerned about the breathlessness and tiredness and fatigue, so I had a iron store test, considering my memory (or lack of it) as well, I could be a bit low on iron. We'll see hopefully later today when the results should be back.  I think the memory worries me the most, I'm forgetting words in the middle of a sentence, forgetting peoples names, I know my mind is otherwise engaged at times but its gone beyond a joke now.

I had an unusual burst of energy yesterday afternoon and got the work I had to do finished in record time, I even had enough energy left over to make a 'proper' evening meal with enough left over for dinner tonight as well.  I put the washing away, I tidied up, watered the garden and sat down with the tele and my hooks and got started on making more birds.

Today the washing is done already, the house is tidy and nothing needs my attention. I do have to nip down to the chemist to get my script but that can wait till I go over to Malanda on my way to my friends.

I managed to get side-tracked yet again before I finished this post.  Felted 5 birds, checked the post, made the bed and looked for some yarn. 

Now at 10 a.m. I am having the porridge I cooked for my breakfast 3 hours ago.


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  1. Good grief girl, I'm exhausted just reading about all this activity! ;)