Monday, June 13, 2011

Long Weekend.....

....and I'm being lazy.  This long weekend we have had the Tour De Tablelands, bikes and lycra everywhere.  The roads are always horrendous with rolling road closures all weekend so I stay home and vegetate.  We also had the Peeramon Pig Hunt and the Tinaroo Regatta, so the last thing I wanted was to be sandwiched between a ute full of dead wild pigs and a heap of boaties which has happened in the past.
The weekend has been beautiful weatherwise, not too cold and not too hot, a bit overcast on saturday.
I've been busy crocheting flowers for garlands and earrings.  I bought more yarn from Spotty - I think I hit my record in there, 2hrs and 40 mins but I only spend just over $50. I treated myself to a couple of those cute cake tins they had in the sale. 
I also bought in a second hand shop a very cute telephone table, its been crackled in an off white with beautiful apple blossom flowers painted on. I tried to haggle but it didn't work, I'm happy with it anyway and now after 19 years the telephone finally gets a place to live (its been on a stool, before that it balanced on the arm of the sofa or on the floor)
We had out craft fix, our bling fix and then our kitchen fix and yes, I walked out of Robins Kitchen without buying one thing.  We actually made it home in daylight and had time to go food shopping (with what money we had left).
I forgot to ring up about my blood tests and I reckon if they had found anything they would have rang.  I'm not worried, I'm actually feeling quite good, I mean the memorys still full of holes and I have to write notes to myself all the time but otherwise I'm sleeping a lot better and I have more energy than I have had for a while - perhaps that could be due to the fact I'm actually cooking proper meals for myself again.
I cleaned out two cupboards yesterday and tackled the spare room which seems to be the junk room at the moment, it can't be used as a bedroom again till I get the floor fixed so we (me) just open the door and throw things in. I've sorted a few of the things out in there and stacked them in a pile and I've also put the girls toys in there, I've put stuff over the broken floorboards so the girls can use it has a playroom for the time being and my walking machine is in there.
Well, I have these two pretty cake tins empty, just crying out to be filled. Do I bake this arvy or do I sit and crochet and ignore their plea's?  Decisions, decisions.

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