Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stash Busters

Since breaking my resolve and buying all that extra yarn I've been looking for quick and easy projects to use up some of the yarn that maybe was a wrong choice.  I've been doing mobius cowlettes (neck warmers).  I love mine, it was made in Spotlights Marvel 8 ply which is a thin 8 ply and not what I wanted for the amigurumi dolls, it works up beautifully using a 6.50mm hook, nice and lacey and drapes well.  No pictures yet though, I'm waiting for a model who doesn't have a double chin and turkey neck.  I've also made a few pairs of fingerless mittens, another quick and easy project, using a crochet rib and a smaller than usual hook and using Big W's 8 ply these cro up nice and firm and stretchy.  Then with all the left over yarns in my stash I've made small flowers and attached them to headbands, they look so pretty. I decided not to make all the felted and larger flower into brooches but will sell them seperately with a couple of leaves and people can make up their own minds where they stick them.  The girls claimed two - Stacey wanted the hugest pinkest rose and Jessica-Rose chose a dainty black rose with pearl centre. I'm waiting for them to come round so I can use them to model the headbands for a photo shoot, the photo I took yesterday doesn't really show them at their best.
For the past two days I have been creating, totally oblivious to the time.  I missed breakfast and lunch on both days, its been a long time since I've done that and yes I did enjoy it.
My craft room which I had finally managed to lick into shape is back to being a mess.  'A place for everything and everything in its place' seems to last for only a few days. Perhaps I should do a cross stitch or applique wall hanging to have hanging up so I see it every day.  Knowing me though somehow I really don't think it would work. 
July will be chilly Cheryl.  You might need some fingerless mittens and a neck warmer.

Excuse the bad quality of the photo, I'd forgotten to change the setting on the camera then the batteries died. 

Well my fingers are itching to get hooking again, funny the carpal tunnel hasn't played me up at all, my elbows a bit stiff though.  Just had another idea so off to get it into action.


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