Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rosy Posy

In my quest for the perfect crocheted rose I have ended up with a rose garden blossoming all over the house, 60 roses in just over a week have graced my craft room.  I have perfected the rolled rose and the irish rose but my favourite is from the Hook Hound. I had made something very similar when I was designing the amigurumi dolls but couldn't quite get what I was looking for. I had made the base of the flower in a spiral but not into the back of the stitch.
I intend to make all the roses I made into brooches and am now searching out broken vintage jewelry to adorn the roses.  I cruised round all the Accessories shops looking at how the fabric flower brooches that they sell were finished off, they were all pretty tatty looking on the back, so I am not worried at all about the backs of mine, they look exceptionally neat compared to those in the shops.  I have felted some of the roses using a varigated yarn from Big Wand gives lovely look to the roses, especially as the colour runs. The outer edges of each petal tends to darken while the inner petals fade slightly.  The pink roses below were all done from the same ball.  I used up a fair amount of yarn from my stash, I found some gorgeous vintage kid mohair which I managed to make three roses from.   My stash, which at the start of the year I vowed to not buy any more yarn till i could get the lid on the box has now tripled to three boxes and if I buy more of the varigated yarn today will quadruple. I knew I couldn't do it. But the wool is so pretty and soft and it spoke my name, I couldn't leave it there.
My fingers are itching to get hooking but I have so much to do today.  Thursday I had a hospital appointment down on the coast, everything is okay, nodules on the thyroid have only grown a little bit and my thyroid is not misbehaving so I have a reprieve for another year. We hit Spotlight after the hospital and we spent over two hours in there, we certainly made up for the previous two visits where we only had 30  mins at the  most and came out spending under ten dollars, this time I went mad and spent over 50 dollars - well it was stuff I needed (honest).
I've been snuffly for the past two days, got lots of lemons ripe on the tree so I'll be making myself some hot lemon and honey - might even go to the Bottle shop and get a small bottle of whiskey (even though I hate the stuff).  It was 8 degrees at pre-dawn on thursday - I was out standing around in my jami's and sheepies looking at the planets......and yes you can say 'and you wonder why she has a cold'.   Not sure what it was that hurried past my feet as I was scanning the sky, it was dark coloured and definately not a cane toad.
Well I have a couple of hours work this arvy over in Mareeba, so better go get out of my jami's and get presentable. I want to get some shopping in as well while I am over there.The new fridge is bare as are the cupboards, the dog and I have been on left-overs all week.

Love and Hugs



  1. Those crochet roses look so lovely... they must cheer up your work room so much.... I love it...

  2. Jan, I lost your blog for a while, also lost mine too, rofl. Good to hear you again, always love reading your posts, in a few words, I am back on the tablelands again,, brrrr