Thursday, March 10, 2011

Computer glitches, chimichangas and snowmen

Just got my old girl back from the computer doctor, don't know what was up with her but she didn't want to play anymore.  She's all fixed up now and I'm busy catching up.  The house has been so quiet without her. I actually got out into the garden inbetween rain showers, put in some more gingers and fire lilys and found the cutest little green tree frog, it was only about half an inch big, he jumped away before I could get my camera out.  I'm a pretty hit and miss gardener, I like plants that look after themselves and are easily propagated.  I've fallen in love with bromeliads and I am gradually building up a collection, now I'm looking out for someone to help me lay a patio area under the pergola, all the slate I laid a few years ago needs lifting and re-laying.  The veggies are growing really well, the purple king beans I put in last Thursday have sprouted all ready. 

I had a nice piece of beef skirt and finally got around to making chimichangas, skirt shreds so easily and cooks up really tender.  Just popping them in the pan and No.2 son turned up, of course he had to be invited to stay for dinner.  There went tomorrows lunch. 

The snow people are multiplying all over the house, big and little.  I wish I could show them to you they look so cute.  I'm tackling the pattern tomorrow, giving it a tweak here and there and it should be ready to send for submission next week and then I can start on the christmas stitcheries.

Still raining, the areas that copped the worst of the  cyclone are copping all the rain, Mission Beach got over 300mm in a day, there has been a couple of landslides which have stranded people out there and there is more rain on the way and the chance of another cyclone. 

Its an early night for me tonight, right after Grays, curling up with Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, I've attempted to read P and P so many times but never actually finished it.  Its on my list of things to do.   Doing some family research and found out that an ancestor of my hubby went to the same school as Jane Austen and around the same time.

Better go watch the end of How I met your Mother, a quick shower and then Grays.


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  1. I can't believe all the rain you are getting.... my computer is playing up a bit too.... very moody - do computers get PMS???
    What are chimichangas????