Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A day of reading

.................not the pile of library books I quickly grabbed just before the library closed for christmas or the local free rag with its first christmas baby pics and who did what on christmas day.  But blogs. I'm off blog tripping again.  I've gone to the first blog on my dashboard, then gone to the first blog on her blog list, then the second blog on their blog list and the third and so it will go on.  This way I get to read blogs that I wouldn't normally go to.

Yesterday I mooched around, I slept away half the day, read for a bit, did 30 sudoku puzzles, had a sandwich, slept some more, had another sandwich and then went to bed.  I was so out of sorts it was not a nice feeling.  I think because this year has been such a rushed affair, always having something to do, somewhere to be that this period of inactivity is killing me, I can't sit quietly and just do nothing (well, maybe for one day I can just about manage it). I am so restless, I couldn't settle to do anything (or want to) .
I've decided that I am going to paint the kitchen cupboards an off white, leaving the tops polished wood (Beautiful Queensland Maple).  That will be summers project. 
I'm dangerous when I am bored.

I suppose I'd better fess up about my christmas present from the boys.   Not exactly pretty,
but very functional, white goes with everything.   Okay, so it wasn't what I imagined I would be getting,  I suppose I'll have to buy myself the gorgeous ceramic shabby chic measuring cups and spoons I'd been hinting about for weeks.  It looked promising as they gve it to me, big and nicely wrapped.......okay, I'm getting to it.   A TOILET CISTERN, yes you heard right.   My loo has been playing up for a while, I have to fill the cistern with water from a bucket, water spurts everywhere from a faulty valve which they were told couldn't be replaced, the whole cistern would have to be new.  So they bought me a new water saving cistern - 6 litres for a full flush and 3 for a wee.   Now all I need is a nice man to fit it for me. 

Oh yes, and we got a cyclone for christmas day. Only a little one, lots of wind and rain but not much damage.  Plenty of flooding around, all the roads to down south cut off which means road transport can't get up north. Shelves pretty bare in the shops, not that I want to venture out. I did go over to my eldests for our festive bacon butty barbi, it looked like the river had gone over at one stage, judging by the amount of debris on the road. The river was running thick and brown just under the bridge so I didn't hang around too long at my sons. 

Better go get dressed and try and get something done today. 


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Prospect of a new job

I enquired at one of the 'boutique' accommodation places in the village to see if they had any job vacancys going. They got back to me last night and want to see me today.  So my resume is titivated and tweaked and off I'll go shortly.  I am easy as to wether theres an opening for a cleaner or admin work.  If I can get 15 hours a week I will be over the moon no matter it is.

I started this update 3 hours ago. I've been down the road to the cottages for an interview and I am now the relief housekeeper.  Its just covering for when the owner has to be away, not a lot of work but anything is gratefully accepted.

I spent all this morning working on a presentation for the position of Chocolatier at the Coffee Works. Now wouldn't that be a great job to do.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Markets

Our village had its christmas markets on sunday and I shared a stall with a friend. I made up lots of of little packets of my crocheted flowers and took a few dolls as well.  The flowers were a great hit, all the brooches sold, lots of interest in the dolls but the only one to go was the pink fluffy teddy which I did a straight swap for a yellow retro colander from a Vintage and Retro stall. 
The markets are a great way to catch up with everyone and I get to chat with people I don't see all that often.  One friend told me about a shop that had changed owners and that I should go and see if she would take my things.  So this morning off I pootled into town and lo and behold it was an old friend of mine, we had actually worked together in a craft shop many years ago.  She was interested in some of the flowers and after seeing the photo's of the dolls she ordered 6 for a front window display. 
So my fingers will be flying this christmas, no rest for the wicked. 
I've had a chest infection for the past few days, my head feels like its going to fall off every time I cough and I also wish I'd kept up with those pecky pelvic floor exercises. Its a bugger having to quickly cross my legs every time I have a coughing fit.  I've not felt like eating anything and besides all food tastes like cardboard at the moment.  The dog has started to sleep under the bed again - I think she was fed up of being kicked off every five minutes with all my tossing and turning. 
Its so hot and muggy here, thunders been rolling round the skies all afternoon, we didn't get any rain from it but the sky was black over Malanda way.
I'm off to see if I can find a tin of chicken soup anywhere in the house, I just feel like some Campbells chicken noodle soup.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blue skies

We got a bit of thunder and heavy rain yesterday but not much. Say  prayers for all those down south in central and southern queensland and new south wales who are copping some heavy falls and flooding. 

Blue skies brought out the neighbours and their mowers and I even got out there and ripped a few weeds out.  So glad i already did my mowing when it was overcast and a lot cooler, its a scorcher of a day today.

I didn't find one thing at the garage sales yesterday or at the second chance shop, very disappointing.  I decided to unearth the barbeque table from under a season of leaf fall and mouldy flower heads. Its been used as a potting table as well. Its been scrubbed and is now in the sun drying out, I'll give it a coat of O'Cedar and it'll be as good as new and will fit nicely in the craft room.  I have a couple of metres of green felt which should go over the top and will stop the beads from rolling around and then I can start getting creative. 

Matt came round for a hair cut, his hair (like his fathers) is a dirty blond and is prone to get curly if it is left too long between cuts, its very soft hair as well and thick.  The clippers were oiled and tested and off I went.  The last time I did it they cut out half way through, but with fingers crossed (his not mine) I ploughed through it all. Just a number four and it looks okay.  Of course he fidgeted and there were bits I missed but he was eager to go jump in the lake for a swim before the tourists got there.  He's a big boy now (23) and he can use his razor to trim the bits I missed.  He sniffed out the bacon in the fridge so of course we had bacon butties for a late breakfast.  Luckily for me he didn't notice the last blueberry muffin or the choc chip cookies, speaking of which I'm going to go make myself a coffee to go with the muffin and the cookies.



Saturday, December 4, 2010

Webbed Feet.....

We are being teased with the weather, the sun comes up and dries up all the rain and then off it goes again.  Its misty this morning, the trees around the garden waiting for that sun to burn off their shrouds.  Birds are singing their little hearts out in anticipation. I'm waiting for a patch of blue sky before I venture out, I want to see what the day will be like before I make any plans.  I really feel like garage saling, but this apathy is weighing me down.  Its no fun on your own and my friends don't seem to have the same passion for it as I have (or rather -HAD).  I have had three jobs this past week to do so I have a bit of spare cash, I have another cleaning job to do after next weekend and I get paid for the two mystery shops I did last week next Friday.  I'm only spending around $50 a week on groceries and I've cut down on my petrol now TAFE has finished - $20 worth for about 9 days.  Two of the mystery shops involved buying gifts which I get to keep so I made sure they were things I could give to friends.  I'm not worrying over money, when I need, it comes in in unexpected ways. 
I have a necklace to make for a friend to give as a gift, I'm trying to get myself into jewelry making mood.  I want to use earthy colours and semi-precious stones with silver findings.
My very empty craft room is in need of a table to use as work station. I've been crocheting up a storm creating brooches which I can't finish till I get the back pins I ordered, so I need to do something to keep the creativity going.   Perhaps I should go garage saling this morning in a search for a table. 
Mist has cleared slightly, but still no signs of anything blue above me.  I'll get myself dressed and breakfasted, work out my budget and make a list of sales from the two local papers.  The thrill of the hunt is on.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wet and wild weather.......

We've been having some pretty amazing late afternoon storms these past few days.  I just love to turn off the lights and sit in the dark watching the lightning fork across the sky.  The thunder literally shakes my little cottage.  The dog gets as close to me as she possibly can, scrunching up between me and the side of the chair, sometimes she attempts to burrow behind me - its a good job she's only a mini foxy.

I've been quite creative, making up some crocheted flower brooches. I had a foray into the world of scrapbooking the other day whilst looking for some cardstock to attach the flowers to.  I know I said I never ever would venture into scrapbooking but it is slowly sucking me in.  My friend burst out laughing when she saw I'd bought some scrapbooking supplies and refused to believe me when I said it was for the brooches.  It is, honestly.

I needed to find some cellophane bags I remember storing somewhere - 5 hours, 3 bags of stuff for the op-shops, 6 bags of rubbish, 3 nice and tidy wardrobe shelves and 1 cleaned out cupboard later I still haven't found them.  And in the interval,  lattes and chocolate marshmallow Santa's with a friend who called in.  I  keep going in my bedroom and opening the wardrobe - nicely folded blankets and sheets, all my underwear in little baskets, I even have floor space in there now, everything neat and tidy.  Not sure how  long it will stay that way.  I even found a pair of hand towels I bought.  I was only thinking the other day I needed new hand towels, I have a vague recollection of buying them before last christmas to embroider for a friend. 

I also found a pair of dungaree shorts that my youngest wore to a fancy dress party when he was three.  I made up some little fabric slugs and snails and sewed them all over the shorts, with a cute little slug peeking out of the pocket.  There was a baseball cap that went with it that I sewed a few little puppy tails on to.  I wish I had taken a photo of him at the time, he was not a happy little boy.  He's nearly 22 now, I wonder if he remembers.

Storms brewing up again, best get off the puter.


PS NOrma, I've been checking out that etsy blog, very interesting, I keep finding more and more information.

PPS. Vicky, you can come over here and cook me soup and make me pies anytime.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Just like Willie........

I'm back on the road again.  Finally after three weeks my car is fixed, first they had to wait for the part, then the mechanics mom got very sick so he had to keep shooting off.
After two attempts at my Excel assesssment I had a diabetic meltdown, smack bang in the  middle of the second attempt.  I just walked out, I was shaking, headachey, confused (yes, well I know I'm like that normally but I was more so this time). I know what casued it - stress.   Stress over the exam, stress of having no money and all the bills coming in, stress over having to beg lifts off friends and reli's all the time.   I wasn't eating, I had no appetite and I wasn't looking after myself.
I gave myself a week to get back on track and if I couldn't get my level back to normal then I made a commitment to myself to go see the doctor. 
I went back to meditating every day, I put myself first, I sorted the bills out, stopped worrying over things I had little control over and I marked down everything I ate, I started to cook proper meals again.   I was given a third chance at correcting my assessment (I think I gave the tutor a fright) - it was so simple, even the tutor couldn't see the mistake that had caused all the hassle, once it was finally found and rectified everything fell into place.  My speed tests went down hill though, last week I just couldn't feel my fingers on the keyboard and this week was slightly better,the first three weeks of speed tests i was close to 40 words a minute at 99.7 accuracy so I'm happy.  Even with the mistakes and slowness this week and last week I'm still top of the class in speed.  They take the best two results out of 8.
So after a week of being good and careful with my diet and stress levels I am happy to say that my blood sugar levels have dropped to under 6 first thing in the mornings,  around 8 to 9 after meals, around 5 - 6 before a meal and I haven't hit a double figure.  I know when they get too low and always have a little snack after exertion.  I've mowed half the back lawn, the front garden and the nature strip this morning so its time for a coffee and a piece or fruit.
I'm going to watch a dvd (Hairspray) this arvy while I work out a pattern for the amigurumi robot.  I need to start up an Etsy shop for the patterns and finished dolls, but need to find a good tutorial on how to do it, has any one got any hints and tips on how to be successful.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Quiet Saturday

The weeks are flying by, I'm settling down into my alone life. I'm finally getting some sort of routine going.  Up early in the mornings, take advantage of the coolness and doing a bit of housework.  Catching up with my emails and then off to TAFE for the day.  Theres not much cleaning or tidying up to do - things stay where they are put.

Things have gone slightly awry this week though. I've sailed through spreadsheets, I love Excel.  I do my assessment next week.  Well, that is if I can get my car fixed.  It chose to break down in the supermarket car park yesterday late afternoon - it seems to have a thing for breaking down in the car park at IGA.  I managed to ring No.2 son just before my phone battery died.  He came and got me and took me and the shopping home.  Then he went round to his older brothers and they went to get the car.  Luckily No.1 son knows someone with a breakdown truck. It was 7.30 before they got home.  Looks like its going to be a big job.  I have no money to get it fixed for the next few weeks.  I was worrying over getting one more portfolio done on my certificate course before TAFE finishes at the beginning of December.
I wasn't sure wether i had time to fit another one in.  If I can't get my car back on the road within the next couple of weeks then my problem is solved till next year.  I'm doing the OHS part online so thats no problem and I think I can get a lift next week on one day so I can do my assessment.  I've got some practice exercises to do over weekend to prepare myself. 
Wednesday, I don't go to TAFE so I get all the big stuff done at home, vacumming, mowing, ironing etc.  The side lawn needed doing badly so I waited for the sun to go in and I shot outside and fired up the mower.  I then decided since who knows when we would get another fine day I lowered the blades and did the rest of the lawns, they could have been given a miss till next week but while I had the energy I did them.  I left a small area near the car and intended to move the car and mow but took the opportunity to have a cuppa. A friend rang and asked if he could borrow the mower. He came and took it and fetched it back the next day.  I've just finally finished the one last strip (probably as big as my mums whole garden back in the UK.  The mower sounded absolutely sick as anything, chugging and huffing and puffing, threatening to die at any moment.  I wonder if the friend put the wrong petrol in.  So now I wait for the third thing to go break down.  I used the electric leaf blower very carefully with fingers crossed. I am sooooooo dangerous with that thing, never ever stand near me when I am using it.  I've blasted the poor dog across the verandah and decapitated flowers.
Its our villages centenary celebrations today, I think I'll stay home, I'm feeling very anti-social at the moment.  I just want (and need) to relax.  I've a good book to read and some sewing to do.......oh yes that reminds me.  I was told yesterday arvy that my DIL needed a cape making for Halloween.  No.1 son went home after dropping my car off and went back and got the family.  So nine last night I was quickly making a witches cape.  Its been so long since I used my sewing machine it took a while to get all the dust out of it. I also discovered I had a go faster switch for  straight stitching.  I had grandkids running around (eating all my biccys). So now the machine is out and running I'll get a few sewing jobs done.....they've probably been in the sewing pile for a couple of years and the UFo list.  It might even get me motivated. 
Well I've spent long enough on the puter, I've got a few dirty jobs out in the garden that need finishing so I'll go and get those out of the way and then get cleaned up for an afternoon of stitching.

hugs, love and light


Friday, October 22, 2010

Rain, Rain go away......

Its done nothing but drizzle for the past few days. Grey dreary days. We feel like we are back in winter, not spring.  Its the annual Yungaburra folk festival and the little town is buzzing.  I feel sorry for the poor campers, my neighbour rang and asked me to open up their holiday home for them as friends of theirs should have been camping but its just too wet and they asked if they could use their place as a refuge from the storm.

The nice weatherman just told us they we are going to get a bad cyclone season - oh great.  I'll have to send one of the boys up on the roof to check everythings okay up there, start cutting trees down that are near the house and make the shed secure for all the power tools. We don't usually get the cyclones in our area till after christmas but its better to be prepared early.

I'm struggling to get back into crafting again, I've had a week or two not doing anything and I just can't get back into the swing of things.  My patterns are selling and people are asking for new ones so I need to get my finger out.  All I seem to be doing is homework and going back and forth between the TAFE college and home.  My brain just seems to switch off once I get home and all I want to do is go collapse in the chair and watch tv with a cup of coffee.

I suppose it will all come good soon.  I need something to fire up the passion in me again. I haven't done any embroidery for ages, once I would embroider well into the early hours once the bug got me.  But then it had a purpose - I needed to destress after looking after my hubby, something to take my mind off the endless doctors visits and treatments, it soothed my mind and soul and I could lose myself for a few hours in the peace and quiet of a dark night.
Now I have to find that passion again.

Life seems to be in limbo, I feel like I am waiting for something big to happen. There is this intense feeling that I can't seem to shake off.  I can't move forward.  I know I should just ride it out patiently, that this pause is serving a purpose. But I've never really been a patient one.

Depending on what the weather is like tomorrow I might push myself to venture out garage saling.  I have this urge to rummage through old things and find a bargain, I need a project that doesn't involve hook, needles, threads and wool.

One one of my quiet places, a pleasant place to sit and watch the pelicans float by.  I take myself off and just sit by the water with a book or just let myself chill out. 


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thank you Cuz

So now I know, funny i can't think of a body part that rhymes with pluto.......I do know which one you mean though, ha ha.

Yesterday I went to market, it was only to be a short trip, in and out with veggies and seedlings.  I saw a gorgeous bromeliad that I had recently admired at the garden show, I ummed and r'd. It was $13, there was another i liked as well for $5 with an unusual flower, I couldn't afford the two. The $13 one won but then at the last minute I said bugger it I'll have them both.  This meant I had no money for veggies but the call of the brom was too strong and I never really treat myself anymore.
Walking back to the car outside the park what should blow across my feet but a brand new $5 note. There was nobody around and there was no wind blowing.

I've never been a fan of broms but they are growing on me - mainly cos they are easy to grow, don't need much mainenance and they are easy to propogate.  I'm all for easycare gardening at the moment.  Things that seed themselves, ones that thrive on neglect.  I have a couple of friends that are into them as well so theres always swappsies for the pups. 

The sun has decided to come out again, I want to see if I can finish off the mowing of the back lawn. Theres never a son around when you want one, perhaps I should bake a cake or some biscuits - they always turn up then, or maybe I'll settle in to do some craft instead, guaranteed one of them always turns up.   But knowing my luck I'll just be putting the mower away and thats when they will come round.

Well I'm off to make hay while the sun shines.