Saturday, November 20, 2010

Just like Willie........

I'm back on the road again.  Finally after three weeks my car is fixed, first they had to wait for the part, then the mechanics mom got very sick so he had to keep shooting off.
After two attempts at my Excel assesssment I had a diabetic meltdown, smack bang in the  middle of the second attempt.  I just walked out, I was shaking, headachey, confused (yes, well I know I'm like that normally but I was more so this time). I know what casued it - stress.   Stress over the exam, stress of having no money and all the bills coming in, stress over having to beg lifts off friends and reli's all the time.   I wasn't eating, I had no appetite and I wasn't looking after myself.
I gave myself a week to get back on track and if I couldn't get my level back to normal then I made a commitment to myself to go see the doctor. 
I went back to meditating every day, I put myself first, I sorted the bills out, stopped worrying over things I had little control over and I marked down everything I ate, I started to cook proper meals again.   I was given a third chance at correcting my assessment (I think I gave the tutor a fright) - it was so simple, even the tutor couldn't see the mistake that had caused all the hassle, once it was finally found and rectified everything fell into place.  My speed tests went down hill though, last week I just couldn't feel my fingers on the keyboard and this week was slightly better,the first three weeks of speed tests i was close to 40 words a minute at 99.7 accuracy so I'm happy.  Even with the mistakes and slowness this week and last week I'm still top of the class in speed.  They take the best two results out of 8.
So after a week of being good and careful with my diet and stress levels I am happy to say that my blood sugar levels have dropped to under 6 first thing in the mornings,  around 8 to 9 after meals, around 5 - 6 before a meal and I haven't hit a double figure.  I know when they get too low and always have a little snack after exertion.  I've mowed half the back lawn, the front garden and the nature strip this morning so its time for a coffee and a piece or fruit.
I'm going to watch a dvd (Hairspray) this arvy while I work out a pattern for the amigurumi robot.  I need to start up an Etsy shop for the patterns and finished dolls, but need to find a good tutorial on how to do it, has any one got any hints and tips on how to be successful.



  1. Phew, you have been through a rough patch, glad to know you are now taking proper care of yourself!!

    Your wpm/accuracy sounds really good, no use being the fastest fingers in the West if you are typing rubbish :)

    Re Etsy, once you sign-up there is access to forums, etc where you can find lots of tips and info including a sellers handbook which you can find on the Etsy blog called The Storque. If you want to read some successful sellers' stories just Google 'Etsy quit your day job' and there should be a few blog posts for that subject come up.

    One thing to think about ahead of time is that once you choose a 'user' name you are stuck with it altho there are probably ways around that if you are prepared to change your email address or something but they usually do stress the importance of considering that carefully before you start. I am registered with Etsy altho I only buy at this stage but I've thought ahead and my user name is my blog name just in case I ever do start to sell.

    Hope you have a better week next week!

  2. I do hope you are taking care of yourself, you have had a time of it.
    It is a pity we live so far away, like the other side of the world! hehe! i would love to make you some soup and sit and have a natter.

    Do you like the suitcases, they are from my collection, and people just love rummaging through them at the carboot. I try and sore/display most of what I am selling in old suitcases.
    Take care xx Vicky xx