Monday, December 8, 2014

Waffling on about nowt in particular

I've been clearing out drawers, rearranging my office space and pottering today.  6 bags of rubbish to toss.  I didnt find my federal police check notice but I found lots of other stuff I didnt know I had lost. I also found time to create.....i'm trying to make as many snowflakes as I can this week, bright bold colours have figured so much in my recent work that using just plain old white seems rather strange.  15 made so far, I'll probably need another 45 for what i need to make, so thats 2 days work.  
Christmas is rearing its ugly head way too soon.  Each year i celebrate it less and less, things don't seem to matter anymore.  Thats not a bad thing.....i just do the things that do matter and stress less over the things that don't. Family and friends are important to me, but I'm not going to send myself broke buying them all expensive pressies or something they don't want.  It's one thing I refuse to stress over.  I love to select gifts i know they will use and appreciate and if it costs Under $10 the more the better and if I can make something I know they will love and appreciate then I put my all into it.  Ok, battery about to die and I want to get another 15 snowflakes made.  Better go get the washing in as well, looks stormy again. 


  1. Thank you for your lovely, lovely comment on my blog; you are so sweet. And so are those snowflakes. My dear maiden Aunt used to crochet up a storm; I have many lovely Xmas pieces to remember her by. But unfortunately, her snowflakes fell apart last Xmas (25 yr old). Still I have bells and angels.

  2. i have some angels i did when i was first married over 30 yrs ago, they are looking grubby and a bit limp so they stayed in the box this year. really i should have washed the starch out and re blocked them. Maybe next year.