Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lazy day

I do not feel like doing anything today, I did not feel like doing anything yesterday. I have been very busy all week.  I really have to allow myself down time and stop feeling I always have to be busy.
The Tibi finally flowered

I think this is called a beauty bush, I never planted this, it just came up in the middle of the Banksia and I have ripped it out twice. It keeps on coming back.

I love the colour combo of this Brom flower, its spectacular against it very dark purple almost dark chocolately brown coloured leaves
When I say I have done nothing all day, it doesn't mean nothing all day. I've actually done quite a lot - cleaning, gardening, shopping, those are the normal everyday things. All those things will get done today.  Yesterday I had a lazy day, I watered and weeded the garden, I dusted and vacummed the whole house, I washed pots and put away and I entertained a friend. I didn't pick up the crochet hook once - though we did talk about crochet and embroidery over our coffee.  I later lay on the bed under the fans and read a book and did half a dozen sudoku's, I sprawled out on the computer chair and read blogs and trawled through pinterest.
I was given a day lilly bulb and threw it in a box of old compost and I forgot about it, it has not stopped flowering. This must be the 10th flower it has had and there are more to come.

I love the old hibiscus that hangs over my fence from next door, I really hope the new owners will let it stay
Just a little trip around the things growing in my garden, the grass might be dead and the dandelions prolific but here and there there are still a few flowers, luckily they all thrive on neglect.
The grey day is starting to brighten up and the thunder has gone elsewhere. A bit more blue sky and I might be encouraged to get outside and mow over all the dandelions or take a drive out to a market. See, I can't just sit and do nothing and relax, I want to be lazy, I feel like doing nothing but I have to justify it by rushing round like crazy being busy. I overthink. Once upon a time I had no trouble at all being lazy - I worked all week and stayed in bed till lunchtime on the weekends, on my days off I just lounged around with a book or listened to music. I am talking pre-kids here. 
Okay, I am off to wash the breakfast pots, make the bed, kick the dog out, do the poo hunt, deadhead the flowers and maybe sweep off all the Petrea flowers and leaves from the verandah and then think about the rest of the day.



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  1. Hi Jan, thank you for coming over to my blog, it's good to meet you. I look forward to seeing all your crocheted lovliness and getting to know you a little better. Have a great weekend.