Wednesday, November 14, 2012

After the eclipse...

It came and went, the weather threatened to be cloudy and it was. It cleared enough to see the beginning and then at totality it clouded over, but the corona was visible even through the clouds.   People from all over the world have come to see the event. I spoke to many yesterday at the visitors centre, the highlight of their trip being the eclipse and to see a platypus.  I sent them off down the creek with the necessary map and I hope they got one thing to tick off their wishlist.
Tutoring today and tomorrow, I love it.  I've got the library this afternoon as well.  Not much time for crafting though I am getting ahead with the flower brooches.  Lots of bright cheerful summery colours.  I have them in the visitors centre and unfortunately we think three were shoplifted last week, they are not on the shelf and they are not in the sales book.  Oh well, I suppose i should be flattered that someone liked them enough to take them as souvenirs, so if you see any one wearing my giant felted spider flower brooches you know where they came from. I did sell one earlier in september and there is a bird brooch missing as well. 
Better get a wiggle on and get to class, not good to have the teacher late. 


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