Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wet Thursday

Today is a wet day, as was yesterday and the day before. Not a lot of tourists about but enough to keep me on my feet and busy.  I love working in the info centres.  Yesterday I spoke to people from many places from around the globe. Lovely little japanese exchange students, so polite, so friendly and so happy, a nice young couple from Seattle touring round Oz on the trip of a lifetime, grey nomads, couples spending their kids inheritance on themselves, people who fell in love with the area and now want to move here.  Its a great place to be.  My feet and my throat are a bit sore but I have a few days to recover before my next stint.  Not one person complained about the rain, they loved it - hey we aren't called the Wet Tropics for nothing and living in a rainforest area we gonna get rain.
I am trying hard with these damm australian animal ami's, I sat down with a book of aussie mammals and tried to draw cartoons of them that would work well as an ami doll.  I reckon its best to just sit down with the hook and yarn and just see what eventuates. 
I've started up a wordpress blog, hopefully I will migrate over there soon. You can find me here / Not a lot on there at the moment but now I am back into blogging again I might put more in there.
Well not done a lot today, I forgot to buy stuffing, I went in to the store to buy toy stuffing and came out with 3 big wands of bubble making liquid, 4 balls of yarn and black printer ink.  It wasn't until I was heading out to the centre that I realised I had forgotten it and by the time I got out of there the store was closed. I have all these little ami's to stuff and I'm not going back into town till next week so I might just rip open one of the new pillows and use the fill from there.  So as soon as I said that I knew I just had to go rip open a pillow and see if the stuffing was okay for ami's, yes it was, but then I got side-tracked and spent 30 mins sorting out my little drawer sets where I keep all my bits and bobs and etceteras. Sorting out my beading supplies and labels and rearranging everything.  So now I am back to finish off here, add a few photo's and have some lunch.



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