Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March catch-up

There I was plodding along in the slow lane of life and then wham the universe booted me over to the fast lane.  I'm doing two days a week at the visitor centre both in Y'Burra and A'ton. I've been on 'famils' and met a whole new batch of people, I've been pushed out of my comfort zone, I've got a new housekeeping job a few hours a week and the ideas for new ami's are coming in thick and fast.  Currently just off the hook is what I intended to be a Bilby, but looks more like a bandicoot and our local wonderful librarian (who I have to say is wonderful in case she's reading this) says looks more like piglet.  Whatever it is it looks cute.  Batteries are charging so there will be no piccy of him till they are ready.
The weather is wet and windy, down south are still getting floods and there are a couple of cyclones brewing around the top end and western oz.  I knew I should have mowed at weekend. 

These are some of the goodies I sent to Sue as part of the Flower Bed swap, I really enjoyed making them and its given me a few ideas. I can't wait to see what Sue makes with them, I think her idea of a necklace would look great.


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