Saturday, May 1, 2010

Red Letter Day

Happy dance around the room, I got the job, I got the job, didya hear me I GOT THE JOB.  Start training on tuesday, though with what I already know it will be a doddle.  Went to a garage sale and picked up a new computer chair in excellent condition for a fiver, a wonderful book on embroider and crafts for $2 and they threw in two crystal wine glasses I liked and a box for my embroidery threads.  How good was my day.



  1. That is FANTASTIC!! Congratulations!! I just got home from a miniatures fair and am preety much braindead - hanging out for a nap but thought I'd check out what was happening on here first - glad I did. You must be over the moon!!

  2. Yahhhhh!!! Congratulations Jan, way to go! and to top it off with some good buys, perfect!!