Saturday, January 14, 2017

Lunch Date

Yesterday, I took my youngest grandgirl out for lunch.  We opted for the Whistle Stop Cafe in the village.  My favourite eatery for great coffee and cake.  We found a nice table under the trees in the shade with a cool breeze gently blowing through.  A friend recommended the home made pies - that's if they had any left.  We were lucky, YAY.  Yes, they were the best homemade pies I have eaten for a long time (except mine of course).  No photo's, I left the ipad at home.  But here are some I made earlier.
The Whistle Stop Cafe

Peterson Creek

Rather than going back home and slobbing out in a heap we went for a walk. Through the trees, over the suspension bridge and along the creek. We found a nice spot to sit in the shade and just watch the water go by. No platypus at play, but they were there, hiding away from us.
It was getting quite hot, so we went back home and
Peterson Creek
slobbed around, watched a movie and ate
It's a long time since I have actually sat and watched a movie without doing something else at the same time. I enjoyed it - Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.  I had always thought it was a kids movie, but when I saw Tim Burton's name on it I knew it had to be a bit 'dark'. The highlight of the movie was seeing Blackpool - where I grew up.  I developed my fear of clowns at the Tower Circus, and spent a lot of my older teenage years on that pier. I also remembered a quick snog on those benches with a distant ex-boyfriend.
I don't have very many memories of my grandmother and I like to think days like these will stay with my granddaughter.  I might not have captured our day together in a photo but it will always stay in my heart.

Christmas 2014

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